Blossoms: A newsletter for the family and friends of Rose Blossom Nursery School

March and April 2005

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy year for me so far! Not only are the children learning and growing in leaps and bounds, I have been attending classes and workshops, and stretching my learning curve as well. In January, I took a workshop with a British gal who teaches how to practice Nonviolent Communication by “dancing” with the process. Laminated cards with the parts of the process are actually placed on the floor, to make it easier to move from step to step in the process. I just received my first packet in the mail this week, with the materials. I hope to be able to offer “Dance Floor” Classes in Nonviolent Communication for parents, as I become familiar with the dances myself. In February, I took a certificated workshop in teaching Yoga to children, and am looking forward to offering weekly after school classes in Yoga for Children, as early as the summer session. The first weekend in March, I attended the California Association for the Education of the Young Child conference in Sacramento, and came home with music, movement, and practical ideas to incorporate into Rose Blossom School’s curriculum.

I am also taking two day adult education class in Digital Video basics, so that I can make use of a basic digital camcorder, and edit the footage into short movie clips to pass along to parents, and use for presentations to teachers. It is a busy and exciting time.

The children are learning extraordinary amounts of vocabulary and concepts, and are also being good friends to each other, and the teachers. Kindness is contagious, and that is what we are practicing, contagious kindness. It is working! We have started the children on their writing booklets this month, and will continue to reinforce counting, colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. I sent home the mid-year progress reports for phonics this month. If you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of school, please feel free to ask.

We are blessed to have this wonderful, warm weather, and the children are enjoying playing outside. Happy Springtime!

—Sharon Rose, Director

Notes to Parents:

Mr. Strawberry will have a three week spring break, from March 21st – April 8th. Tumbling class will resume on Monday, April 11th.

Starting in April, Rose Blossom School will be taking registration for summer session and the next school year. Please note a slight increase in the tuition.

There are two binders near the tuition box that are chock full of information of interest to parents and teachers. Please feel free to read, and make copies to take home.

Jackets are being left at school, and our lost and found drawer is overflowing! Please look in the bottom drawer of the dresser in the bathroom to find your missing jackets and sweaters. Thank you!

Happy Birthday!


Scarlett — 03/24/01


Ella Belle — 04/28/00

We celebrate the children's birthdays at school with a "walk around the sun" for the number of years of the birthday, and we sing happy birthday. We also help the birthday boy or girl make a birthday crown, which he/she can wear all day, and especially for our ceremonial ritual.

If the family wants to bring a treat in to contribute to the school celebration, we ask that it not add too much sugar to their diet. We have noticed some creative ideas, like sliced fruit, mini quick bread muffins, and even party favors, like small bubble bottles.

Monthly Themes

March: Wind, Birds, Easter Eggs, Springtime, Bunnies, St. Patrick’s Day

March is a windy month. Can we see the wind, or just what the wind blows? Kites, wind socks, windmills, pinwheels, paper, grass, flowers…..

Baby birds hatch out of eggs, but do they all fly? Are bats birds? These are questions that have come up as we discover birds and what they do.

Baby bunnies and baby chicks are a sign of spring, so is the wisteria growing outside the door, and the blossoms on the trees.

Leprechauns and shamrocks are for luck, and so is the color green. Wear green on St. Patricks’ Day, March 17th, to have the luck of the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day is also celebrated with parades, and we have a Leprechaun march of our own.

Watch out for art projects, songs, and conversation from your children about these topics, and come to our performance if you can, to see the Leprechaun march!

Cooking this month will be Irish soda bread.

Our Easter egg hunt will be the Thursday and Friday before Spring break. See calendar for dates.

April: Gardening, Springtime, Flowers, Animals

We will be planting seeds this month for the children to take home, and planting seedling flowers in the yard, as well as tomato plants and sunflower seeds, to grow in the school yard.

Spring is a good time to talk about baby animals, pets, and animals from around the world that we see at the zoo. We will introduce Zoophonics in April, to combine the children’s interest in animals with their growing awareness of sounds and reading.

Celebrate Springtime!

Juliet Goldstein will be coming to Rose Blossom School on Wednesday, April 6th, and Thursday, April 7th, to celebrate springtime with the children. This is a special class, to take place at 11:00 AM, and last about forty minutes, with music, stories, movement, and instruments. Look for the sign up sheet on the counter under the clock.

Spring Cleaning at Rose Blossom School!

On Saturday, April 16th. Cleaning rugs, cobwebs from corners, toys in the yard, preparing the garden. We can dust and scrub the school, and hang it out to dry. Refreshments served. Come one, come all, for an hour or two, or to make up parent participation time.

Rose Blossom School Calendar: March and April 2005

Thursday, March 17 Irish soda bread 9:00 – 10:00 AM
Wednesday, March 23 and Thursday, March 24 March Performance 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Thursday, March 24 and Friday March 25 Easter Egg Hunt 11:40 AM
March 28th – April1 Spring Break NO SCHOOL
Sunday, April 3 Daylight Savings Time Change your clocks!
Monday, April 4 School resumes
Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7 Spring Celebration – Juliet 11:00 AM – 11:40 AM
Monday, April 11 Tumbling Tutor resumes
Saturday, April 16 Spring Cleaning! 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28 April Performance 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

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