What Parents and Students say about Rose Blossom

Teacher Sharon,

You are a wonderful gift to the children! Nathan thoroughly enjoys your school and the curriculum you have set in place. I having six children, five already in college. I know that the first 5 years of structure is the most important and you have surpassed my expectations.

Thank you for giving of your time and self for our child.

Julie Potkin, May 2009

“Some people have a special gift for giving others a lift, and Sharon, you sure do!!! You have inspired Benni with a deep love and big hunger for learning — numbers, letters, solar system, plant and animal life, the special holidays of various communities — whatever you presented and offered at meeting time and elsewhere has made Benni's inner life so much richer! For Rieka you provided a stepping stone for a thoroughly joyful transition to school life — and that is a very big thing. Thank you for your great support!”

“Rose Blossom has been an important, nurturing, and wonderful growing community for our entire family.”

“Noah can basically read now. He can add numbers effortlessly. He is computer literate. I’m very impressed!”

“Rose Blossom is a warm, caring, calm environment where children make guided choices through a variety of academic, social, and art activities. The children are very happy — mine never wants to leave!”

“[My Daughter] said that Sharon said everyone had a light in their eyes and talked about how it came from their hearts and she went right into all the verses of ‘This little light of mine’, just sang it right to me…it was very touching. Thank you Sharon”

“My kids love it here, and that’s what matters the most to me. I’m very pleased with the way in which the teachers are willing to work with each child’s idiosyncrasies, and I appreciate the parental support they provide.”

“Thanks, Sharon for the Stone Soup story. Sienna reenacted the whole story for us tonight at dinner. She wants the recipe please.”


by Teagan Grace Knight Class of 2015 - Aptos High School Co-Valedictorian

“I’m incredibly honored to be able to give a speech as one of your Valedictorians today, and I’d like to thank a few people that helped bring me to this stage: all of my teachers, but specifically my first teacher, Teacher Sharon, because without Rose Blossom Nursery School, I would have never gotten off to such an amazing start."